My interview with Steve Bannon on WISeKey the #TransHumanCode Book and the consequences of the #4thIndustrialRevolution.

I had the opportunity of clarifying, in this interview with Steve Banon, the mandate of The TransHuman Code. In stark contrast to the transhumanism movement whose desire is to create the ultimate superhuman by…

Ethical Tech California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly)

The TransHuman Code: Carlos Moreira imagines a human-centered technological future.

Programming Our Future For Good

Saturday, October 23, 2021 | Collegio Teutonico, Vatican City

Authors of ‘The transHuman Code’ and ‘Artificial Humanity‘ to host the introduction of

‘The Code to the Metaverse – Programming Our Future For Good’ at The Vatican, Rome

In the best-selling 2019 book, The transHuman Code…

I was interviewed yesterday by Deb Donig, PhD

Cal Poly,

On my views on how technology should embed ethics as a way to ensure humans are protected and in control as part of the TransHumancode movement . Here are the questions and podcast will be published soon

Carlos Moreira…

The expert panel discussing how stakeholders can remove barriers that marginalise hidden workers to create a meaningful space for them in the labour market. will be livestreamed here

Here is the video. My recommendations to solve this refugee camps crisis:

My recommendations to solve this refugee camps crisis:

  1. provide…

Voici un point sur les retombées presse.

A noter, la reprise de l’information sur le portail de microsoft

Dos gaditanos a la vanguardia tecnológica se alían para impulsar una constelación de minisatélites «low cost»

Carlos Moreira, fundador de WISekey, y Julián Fernández, el joven que envió al espacio un minisatélite en 2019, ambos de La Línea de la Concepción, alcanzan un acuerdo para desarrollar microsatélites de comunicaciones de bajo coste



书号:ISBN 978–7–5217–2566–7

作者:(瑞士)卡洛斯·莫雷拉,(加) 戴维·弗格森








  1. 我们生活中的每一个重大变化的核心都是某种技术。但决定世界如何变化的关键是我们如何使用技术,而不是使用哪种技术。 …

The Human Right to Privacy in the Age of Surveillance Capitalism

Privacy is as a basic, fundamental human right. It is also an endangered right. New digital technologies track and scrutinize us all at this age of surveillance capitalism (Zuboff, 2018). The digital economy considers every click, search or like as an asset to be monetized. Our lives, reflected in cyberspace…

Les coauteurs Carlos Moreira et David Fergusson ont annoncé aujourd’hui la sortie de leur livre en Chine.

The transHuman Code, qui invite les lecteurs à engager un dialogue critique sur les avantages et les dangers potentiels des avancées technologiques rapides que connaît notre monde aujourd’hui. Nous devons apprendre à donner…

Carlos Creus Moreira

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